We design and develop innovative, affordable and quality energy storage solutions for the world.

Our Mission

Mobility for the Future needs to be environmentally sustainable, economically affordable, and socially fun.

At Grinntech, we are passionate about playing a role in electrification of mobility. This is the goal that motivates us.

Who are we?

Grinntech was founded by the passion and entrepreneurial zeal of two friends, Puneet Jain and Nikhilesh Mishra with the conviction that EVs can help transform mobility and “intelligent” battery solutions will be the key to success.

Grinntech’s talented and motivated staff share a few common passions:

  • Conviction in the importance of our planet’s environment
  • Confidence in the power of science and technology
  • Trust in the value of ethnic and gender diversity
  • Commitment to strive for excellence in everything we do
  • We invite you to a quick virtual tour to see how Grinntech is making footprint in the electric vehicle domain.

    Meet Our Leadership

    Grinntech’s leadership team combines the passion and entrepreneurship of youth with the experience and wisdom of recognized thought-leaders from the domains of autos and technology.
    Nikhilesh Mishra

    Nikhilesh Mishra

    CEO, Grinntech

    Puneet Jain

    Puneet Jain

    COO, Grinntech