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About Us

Founded in early 2013 and incubated at the prestigious IIT-Madras in 2017, Grinntech Motors & Services Private Limited is India’s leading lithium battery technology provider. The name Grinntech stands for Green Innovation with Technologies across multiple high-impact application areas.

With Government’s encouragement and a real need to cut down on carbon emissions, battery-powered electric vehicles and renewable energy are the need of the hour. Grinntech is positioned at the epicentre of the new, industrial green revolution to address these needs. With some of the major battery manufacturers licensing Grinntech’s technologies & solutions, the company is paving a way for electric vehicles & stationary energy storage to go mainstream .


Electric Vehicles / Automotive industry

Electric Vehicles are a novel concept, even today. Everybody loves the idea, but people are not onboard with the idea yet because electric vehicles are often associated with short ranges, high purchase costs, and longer charging times. Now imagine a car that costs practically the same and not having to wait for even 2 minutes to recharge the battery of your car. This could be as similar to a fuel station.

Home power backup

Power outages in residential areas are still a common occurrence in India, even in the developed Tier-1 cities. It’ll be a while until we find a permanent solution to that simply because there’s more demand than supply. However, there’s something we can do in the meanwhile – power backup at home, and it’s the best self-sustainable option the humankind has discovered so far.

Industrial power backup

Across almost every industrial/enterprise environment, the facilities managers are often under pressure to ensure stable electricity supply for varying operating conditions. At a domestic environment like home, unstable power supply is usually considered as an inconvenience; but in an industrial operational setting, lack of power backup could cause adverse disruptions and revenue losses to the organisation.

Grid energy storage

Probably one of the best inventions in the energy management space due to the immense number of benefits it has brought about, grid energy storage is here to stay, and grow. By helping storage surplus power, grid energy storage systems help tremendously during cases of emergency & mass outage. However, since they need to storage very large amounts of energy, they have special needs & requirements.




  • Cell and pack testing
  • State of the art Embedded Development (BMS)
  • State of the art mechanical design of battery pack
  • Thermal design of battery packs
  • Battery swapper






  • Automative Energy Storage Solution
  • Stationary Energy Storage Solution(BMS)
  • Battery Swapping Solution
  • Battery Management Analytics



At Grinntech, we have a mission that drives us all – to make a difference for a better tomorrow of our planet. We are at the forefront of building clean & smart energy storage solutions and aim to realise Vision 2030 with the ‘Make In India’ dream.

Every member at Team Grinntech contributes significantly in providing smart energy management technology solutions the world deserves.

We invite you to explore meaningful & rewarding career opportunities with Grinntech. We are often on the lookout for innovation-driven, self motivated and talented professionals who can help us build the future of Smart Energy Storage solutions in India. If you wish to be a part of this exciting professional journey, send your resume to

Let’s Get In Touch

Get in touch with us to discuss the right battery & energy management solution(s) for the unique needs of your business. Our business & technology experts will be happy to understand your expectations and enable your organisation to make that leap of innovation

We’re reachable by phone, e-mail, and in person at our tech centre.


IITM’s Rural Technology and Business Incubator (RTBI), Module #6, Ist Floor, IITM Research Park, Kanagam Road, Taramani,Chennai, Tamil Nadu (India) – 600113



11, G/F, Windlass Shopping Complex, Rajpur Road, Near Clock Tower, Dehradun, Uttarakhand (India) – 248001


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